Elicit Design Solutions LLC brings high quality restyling wraps to the Charlotte and greater Carolinas regions.  With over 20 years of vinyl experience in both commercial and personal auto restyling, Elicit Design Solutions doesn’t limit itself to simple, everyday designs and knows that the smallest details matter.  We strive to cause excitement levels to go up as a viewer approaches our products.  Every vehicle that leaves our facility is prepared to be showcased as the highest quality workmanship, displaying the results of those decades of knowledge combined with creative design concepts. This commitment to design lands vehicles on front pages of manufacturer media pages, as well as in calendar and national print publications.

We work closely with the client and use our combined imaginations, the best materials available, and the right tools for the job to produce a high quality, client-tailored product.

Our goal is for owners to feel a strong sense of pride and continually be drawn back to checking out their own vehicle in admiration as they are walking away. And it’s not just the attention of the owner we aim to capture, but that of people around the car.

Every car that comes into our shop gets the highest level of respect and we try to ensure the experience for the client isn’t just a business transaction. Our reach into the vehicle industry includes other services available while a car is being tailored to the client; wheel powder-coating, window tinting, performance upgrades, etc through partnered companies.

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